“None of this matters unless your nervous system is working, so get adjusted!” – Dr. G & Dr. AJ



  1. Abide by an Adjustment Plan to optimize your neurology 
  2. Implement “The Awaken Lifestyle”
    • Morning Routine
    • Sacred Sundays 
    • Quarterly Vision Casting
  3. Drink your body weight in ounces of water daily
  4. Prepare and cook your own food (Max of 1 meal out per week)
  5. Start using a gratitude journal daily for your thoughts, goals, and tasks


  1. Water filtration of some sort; KangenInnatePitcher.
  2. No screens in the bedroom; phones, tablets, TVs.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO FAST FOOD (Taco Bell, McDonald’s, BK) 
  4. Put the WIFI router on a timed outlet to shut off overnight when you are asleep. (link)
  5. Begin reading labels and remove these things;
    • High fructose corn syrup
    • MSG
    • Bioengineered Ingredients
    • Artificial sweeteners especially aspartame
    • Dyes especially Blue 1, Yellow 5 & Red 40 (link)



  1. Rule 1: Trust the Process (what we do works if you give it the time it deserves) 
  2. Rule 2: Discipline Matters  
  3. Rule 3: Always Have Present Time Consciousness 
  4. Rule 4: Quitting is not an Option
  5. Rule 5: Don’t Leave Your Family Behind 


  1. Rule 1: we never treat the effects without treating the cause
  2. Rule 2: we never use medications or surgeries outside of an emergency or last resort
  3. Rule 3: we never start taking a medication without first putting a plan in place to get off that medication
    Develop a plan with your PCP to get off all medications not used for an emergency or as a true last resort if you currently do not have a plan



This morning routine is designed to prepare your body, mind, and soul to best handle anything your day throws at you. Do it daily

STEP 1: Drink 12oz of water immediately when you wake up; this flushes the gut, stimulates the immune system, and decreases inflammation

STEP 2: Find a quiet space and do the following to prepare your mind/soul

    • 5-10 minutes of meditation/prayer/visualization
    • Make an entry into your Gratitude Journal
    • Read 10 minutes of self-improvement; book, podcast

STEP 3: Minimum 30 minutes of exercise

STEP 4: Drink a Green shake

STEP 5: Do one thing to serve your significant other, kids, or friends. (this can be a love note, a text, or physically doing something for them to make their day better. Consider the things they told you during your Sacred Sunday questions) 

STEP 6: Eat a nutritious breakfast – DO NOT SKIP THIS


The Sacred Sunday is designed to prepare your next weeks schedule in advance, so the variables of life don’t get you off track

STEP 1: Find a quite space and spend 10 minutes doing the following

  • Close your eyes and take three long deep breaths (6-second inhale/6-second exhale)
  • Pull out your gratitude journal and look at your quarterly goal from your vision casting and previous week’s goals. Reflect on your last weeks wins and acknowledge your shortcomings
  • Close your eyes again, 3 more deep breaths, and spend 5 minutes thinking about what things are most important to accomplish next week to continue towards achieving your quarterly goals
  • Open your eyes and write those goals down in your gratitude journal

STEP 2: Update your next week’s calendar

  • Meetings & Events (especially your adjustment)
  • Schedule your wake-up times and morning routine
  • Schedule next week’s Sacred Sunday

STEP 3: Strategize/Layout all of your next week’s meals and food prep ahead of time

  • Figuring out food as you go is a recipe for a stressful life

STEP 4: Ask your significant other the following 5 questions:

  1. What do you need from me next week that would make your week better/easier?
  2. How am I doing on a scale of 1-10?
  3. What is one thing that I can do to get me closer to a 10?
  4. What is one thing I’m doing really well?
  5. Ask them their #1 goal for the next week so you can support them!

STEP 5: Based on your Significant Other’s Feedback, add action steps to your journal and calendar


The goal of your quarterly vision casting is to set your goals and action steps to attain those goals ahead of time. If you take the time to think about what’s important to accomplish ahead of time you don’t have to “figure it out as you go” and are more likely to make progress in life

IMPORTANT: Your quarterly goal should be a S.M.A.R.T.” Goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Sensitive) and based on how many days/weeks are in the next quarter (3 months) – for example, if there are 15 weeks in the next 3 months, and you want to work out 4 times each week for 15 weeks your S.M.A.R.T. Goal would be “60 workouts in the next quarter”

This VC should be done 2 weeks prior to the start of your next quarter
     Quarter 1 = January 1 – March 31
     Quarter 2 = April 1 – June 30
     Quarter 3 = July 1 – September 30
     Quarter 4 = October 1- December 31

STEP 1: Find a quiet place to think intentionally about what is important for you to work on over the next 3 months. Make sure you have 20-30 minutes of un-interrupted time to go through this exercise. Pull out your journal and go through these six questions to set a SMART goal pertaining to your BODY. Do Not Rush

  •      Question 1 = What are the top 5 things you are doing best to better yourself in this category? (ex. I drink 100oz of water daily)
  •      Question 2 = What are the top 5 things you could STOP doing to better yourself in this category? (ex. cut out fast food)
  •      Question 3 = What are the top 5 things you could START doing to better yourself in the category? (ex. regular exercise routine)
  •      Question 4 = Considering what you listed, what is the #1 thing you are willing to commit to changing this quarter? (ex. reg exercise routine)
  •      Question 5 = What is your S.M.A.R.T. goal surrounding this change? (ex. 45 30-minute exercises over the next 15 weeks)
  •      Question 6 = What is your reward for hitting this goal? (ex. XYZ tool I have been wanting)

STEP 2: Repeat those 6 questions pertaining to your most important relationship to work on (with significant other, child, family member, or friend).

STEP 3: Repeat those 6 questions pertaining to your spirituality

STEP 4: Repeat those 6 questions pertaining to your Personal Development. (i.e. this is you learning more things, like reading self help books, developmental books, podcasts, or learning a new skill… you can ask the doctors for recommendations)

STEP 5: Add your 4 “S.M.A.R.T. Goals” to your journal and write them on a sheet of paper and place them somewhere you’ll see them every day (we recommend bathroom mirror, next to bed, or fridge)

STEP 6: Update your next 3 months on your calendar (be sure to include your adjustments, 1 mental health day that you set aside time for you to do whatever you want FOR YOU to keep your cup full, also add your next vision casting date 2 weeks before the start of the next quarter)


Thoughts From the Doctors:

*If you do not feel clear go through the exercise again or ask your significant other for feedback. Be sure to rely on your journal for writing everything down and keep track… failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Remember YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OUTCOMES.