As a team at Awaken Chiropractic, we exist to lead and guide practice members and their families to achieve their God-given potential in health. We believe when you are at your best, you are better able to serve your family and mission making a greater impact in this world. It is our obligation to equip our community with better health strategies through undeniably natural, drug-free healthcare that allows the body to heal itself.

With Principled Chiropractic care we are able to measure for diminished nerve flow which we call nerve interference, and remove it with gentle specific scientific chiropractic adjustments. This creates optimal nerve flow, healthy cell metabolism, proper organ function while restoring mental and physical well-being. According to the research, that means more energy, better movement, and a stronger immune system!

Come find out why more and more families are choosing Principled Chiropractic and achieving a life of optimal health. You were created in perfection, it is never too late to live the life you were designed to live!

Meet the team at Awaken Chiropractic, Omaha chiropractor


Dr. Gabriel Long had the privilege to serve in multiple offices prior to opening Awaken Chiropractic. He served at CTC Chiropractic; the largest pediatric practice in the state of Texas and ADIO Chiropractic in Golden, CO which is regarded as the fastest growing practice in the history of chiropractic. These experiences have allowed Dr. Gabriel to master the communication and delivery of the most advanced health care available in the world today.

Dr. Gabriel found his calling in Principled Chiropractic after a sports-related fracture to the femur in high school. An injury that should have sidelined him from sports for the next 12-18 months. After trying multiple forms of symptom-based care, Dr. Gabriel sought out care from one of the most advanced chiropractors in the state of Iowa. His experience with chiropractic not only led to a faster recovery but allowed him to excel and far exceed his athletic capacity from before the accident. Dr. Gabriel went on the compete at the NCAA Division 1 level and continued to get adjusted throughout school to optimize performance on the diamond.

Dr. Gabriel has extensive training in pediatrics and pregnant women allowing him to provide the highest quality of care during the most precious time of life. Dr. Gabriel is the first doctor to be Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release Technique in Omaha, which has proven through research to be the most specific, scientific chiropractic technique in the world. Torque Release Technique is the first chiropractic technique of the new millennium that provides practice members of any age with the most gentle and reproducible chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Gabriel met his beautiful wife Maggie in undergraduate school in southeast Iowa. Originally a Physical Therapy Assistant, Maggie’s mission in life has always been to help people live better lives. Prior to meeting Dr. Gabriel, Maggie had never been adjusted and was experiencing severe pet and seasonal allergies, asthma, and migraine-like headaches. Through consistent neurologically-based chiropractic care, Maggie no longer experiences any allergies, asthma, or headaches and was able to discard all medications and inhalers. With her new-found health, Maggie was inspired to uproot her mission in serving people through physical therapy and joined Dr. Gabriel’s mission to save Omaha through the most reproducible results-driven care available. Maggie is a shining example of the powerful healing potential that resides within each one of us. Her light and guidance will serve as a beacon to all women in Omaha looking to lead their family in a higher health.

Dr. Gabriel and Maggie Long have settled in the beautiful neighborhood of Benson in Omaha, NE and have a beautiful baby boy named Olin who you will see quite frequently in the office.


Dr. TJ Alger is a small town Iowa native. He makes his knowledge and passion for neurologically-based chiropractic care known throughout the office. He always knew he wanted to be in the health field, as he studied Exercise Science/Biology at Simpson College. Growing up he was a multi-sport athlete which he was fortunate enough to continue throughout his college career. Chiropractic helped keep him healthy on the field and in the classroom by helping his body function at its best. Due to that Dr. TJ decided to devote his life to educating others about the tremendous benefits of this extraordinary profession. He is a nationally board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic with extensive training and certification in the most modern techniques.

During his time at Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City, Dr. TJ graduated with Academic Honors and Dean’s list achievements. He also received extensive training in pediatric, prenatal, and athletic care. His true passion is focused on families, shedding light on their health concerns and wellness. Dr. TJ enjoys sports and outdoor activities, such as football, basketball, baseball, hiking,hunting, and snowboarding. He’s excited to be a part of the Awaken Team and provide neurologically-based chiropractic education and care throughout the Omaha Metro!

Meet Dr. TJ at Awaken Omaha Chiropractic
Meet Dillon at Awaken Omaha Chiropractic


Having been born in Nebraska, Dillon was naturally made to be a Husker fan. His family moved to Southern California where he grew up and graduated from Great Oak High School in 2010. Once Dillon had the opportunity to move back to the great Sea of Red he enrolled at UNL and studied Business Administration/Marketing. In pursuit of the desire to fulfill his potential Dillon accepted a position to serve on the team here at Awaken. Being a part of this team allows me to serve my purpose and enables me to bless others with the knowledge of self-healing and how to better live to their fullest potential as well.

“Prior to being Awakened to chiropractic, I didn’t realize the impact nerve interference has on our health and how we heal. This opportunity lets me set and accomplish personal goals in health and healing, as well as help others achieve their goals as well.”


Dustina (Graeff) Ross is probably our favorite new team member. Originally from a very small town in Western Nebraska, she came to us from the Arctic Tundra of North Dakota, where she spent the last four years attending college at Valley City State University where she majored in Elementary Education. We actually met her at one of our screening events prior to hiring her. Before meeting us, she had never once stepped foot in a Chiropractic Office or had any Chiropractic Care. Before coming to our office, Dustina dealt with sleeping issues and hip pain for the last five years. Soon after getting adjusted, she was sleeping through the night, running more than five miles and working on living her best life.

Dustina prefers to be called Dusty and feels very weird referring to herself in third person. She is a dog mom to the sweetest bulldog name Alise who just turned four last July. She enjoys coffee, traveling, Harry Potter marathons and most importantly, people. She loves the people she works with and the people she has the opportunity to serve when they come into our office.

Meet Dusty at Awaken Omaha Chiropractic

While she does have a major in education, she has not strayed far from her roots. Her mission is to teach and inform every person she comes into contact with the true message of health and healing. She believes that everyone deserves to know that they are all capable of living their best life without being held back by things like allergies, medications, pains, aches, discomforts, etc. That there is a better way to live.

Meet Cassie at Awaken Omaha Chiropractic


Cassie has a passion for wellness. She believes deeply in the bodies ability to heal and thrive. She started her relationship with chiropractic as a member here at Awaken and quickly developed a love for principled chiropractic. She genuinely regained her quality of life and overcame many health concerns by committing to her care plan and healthy living. She has a strong desire to help others find their hope and regain their ability to function and move freely through their lives.

Cassie is from Omaha, has been married to Drew for 11 years and enjoys her 3 very ornery and active sons; Ryder, Holden and Nathan. Adopting a sustainable healthy lifestyle so she can keep up with her family and puppy are paramount. She can’t wait to see you at Awaken as you walk the path to your best health and your best you.


Hi I’m Olin, we all know I run this place. Please direct any concerns immediately to me. Thank you!

Meet Olin at Awaken Omaha Chiropractic

“Dr. Gabriel holds his respect for the body’s innate intelligence at the forefront when assessing and adjusting. His adjustments are custom tailored to my needs. The results have been stunning for both myself and my two young daughters.”

– Chelsea Wagoner of Omaha